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The Doral Tire is a private brand owned by the Treadways Corporation and is made under the Sumitomo brand. Treadways is one of the world’s largest private brand tire marketers, and has in its stable the Doral tire brand, Sumitomo, Telstar, Eldorado, and Jetson brands of tires. Within the tire industry, Sumitomo enjoys a well-earned reputation for innovative design, precision engineering and superior quality. Doral tires are especially known for their affordability, and one of the more popular Doral tires is the SDL range of tires.


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We have included a review of all the various Doral SDL series tires in the link alongside – namely Doral Tire reviews, as well as other Doral tires across the complete range. Across the industry and tire retailers, Doral tires have a reputation for affordability, and are usually a lot cheaper than competitor products. For example, if a particular brand of tire is retailing at just under $100 per tire, a similar tire from Doral will usually retail at around $50 – $60. However, even though the Doral tires are more affordable, they do not sacrifice on quality. The tire range from Doral spans across tures for light trucks, medium trucks, performance vehicles and even agricultural equipment. However, the Doral tire is most commonly used for passenger cars and SUVs, but they do make a range for light trucks which is affordable and durable.


Doral Tires ReviewsAs a consumer, you are always on the lookout for cheap yet good quality tires. In this regard, Doral came out with the SDL tire series that provides a good choice for a value-conscious consumer who does not wish to sacrifice quality. The SDL could be considered the premium range within the overall Doral Tire range, as the series features responsive all-season tread design that delivers excellent traction in all seasons. The SDL series of tires also includes steel belts and features a polyester cord body, thus ensuring long wear and durability. Doral provide a wide selection of tires for domestic cars, sport utilities, and light trucks, and make tires for the most popular sizes and tread designs for the American road. Whatever the application, every Doral tire radial reflects the company’s primary commitment to compete always on the basis of product quality and price.


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The major difference between the Doral tire and competing brands is that you can easily find tires that cost more or are better known, but no one else has that unique mix of technology, quality, and value. All this adds up to make Doral tires produced under the overall Sumitomo brand to be today’s high value, high performance alternative.

The Doral Tire brand is a global brand that competes on the basis of product quality and real world performance. They are especially suited to consumers on a tight budget as the Doral tire is an excellent choice that provides a balance between cost and quality. Most consumers that have purchased Doral tires comment on the fact that they are happy with the purchase and they got more than what they spent. This is confirmed by a number of Doral Tire reviews, which we have included on our site.


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Initially, the Doral tire was considered a “private” brand of Cooper made for Tire Kingdom, however this has changed since the turn of the century. It is now a brand provided by many of the leading tire distributors including Easy-Tire, and others including Discount Tire King and other Doral Tire dealers. Doral Tires under the Sumitomo brand of tire should leave you with peace of mind when purchasing your next set of tires.